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About Us

Nature’s Kitchen was founded by Rory Mitchell, with the help of his wife and son.  Rory and his wife began their food journey experimenting with various herbs and spices as a means to improve their health.  They also wanted to introduce the flavors of their Jamaican & Indian cultures to their son Zachary.

We didn’t set out to create a product line. We love experimenting in the kitchen, and are inspired by great music. We have a passion for entertaining, and we love telling stories, creating memories, and bonding over great, tasty meals.  All of this gave us the opportunity to spread our love for local and natural ingredients throughout our community.

We began production in May 2016.  We were awarded a Finalist award for our Smokin’ Jerk BBQ Saucinade in the 2016 Flavor of Georgia competition.  To come out of the gate and be a top three finalist in such a prestigious competition before our products were even on the shelves confirmed for us that we are on the right path.  The possibilities of things you can make with our products are endless and our excitement grows daily at the 
response from our customers.  

Our sauces, marinades, and spice blends are made with Vegetarian Ingredients, are Vegan and Paleo friendly, are Gluten Free, and Corn Syrup Free and has a wide array of uses - as a marinade, flavor enhancer, condiment, and more.